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Ford New Holland


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Used $295.00
Models: T4.100F, T4.100LP, T4.100V, T4.105F, T4.105V, T4.110F, T4.110LP, T4.110V, T4.65V, T4.75F, T4.75V, T4.80F, T4.80LP, T4.80V, T4.85F, T4.85V, T4.90F, T4.90LP, T4.90V, T4.95F, T4.95V, T4020, T4020V, T4030, T4030F, T4030N, T4030V, T4040, T4040F, T4040N, T4040V, T4050, T4050F, T4050N, T4050V, T4060F, T4060N, T4060V, TN55, TN55D, TN55S, TN60A, TN60DA, TN60SA, TN60VA, TN65, TN65D, TN65F, TN65S, TN65V, TN70, TN70A, TN70D, TN70DA, TN70F, TN70NA, TN70S, TN70SA, TN70VA, TN75, TN75A, TN75D, TN75DA, TN75F, TN75FA, TN75S, TN75SA, TN75V, TN75VA, TN80F, TN85A, TN85DA, TN85FA, TN85SA, TN90F, TN95A, TN95DA, TN95F, TN95FA, TN95NA, TN95VA
Alternate: 5176893, 47125032
Missing the 3 Detents

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