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PTO maintenance and safety
Why choose cranked bale points
Disc and Sickle mower tips

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*PTO maintenance and safety
PTO maintenance and safety Inspect driveline shielding system including tractor master shield, driveline guard, and implement shield. If the driveline guard does not rotate free from the shaft or is damaged, parts must be repaired or replaced. Check quick disconnect pin, twist or slide collar and lubricate. Check clamp bolts and set screws for correct torque. Store equipment inside and do not allow the driveline to rest on the ground. Make sure the driveline is stored in such a way that it will not damage the guard.
When replacing a driveline guard
Make sure the proper guard bearings are used for installation. Lubricate the bearing groves. Cut the guard the correct length. Make sure the safety decal is on the new guard. Install "Guard Missing" decal on the outer telescoping member. If the driveline is old and will not accept a guard, replace the complete driveline!
Maintenance on Clutches Overrun Clutches
Lubricate per manufacturers recommendation.
Shear bolt torque limiters
Replace sheared bolts with the manufacturers recommended diameter, correct length and grade.(Only lubricate per manufacturers recommendation). Check engine oil pump and relief valve.
Friction disc clutches To avoid damage to the implement, driveline or tractor, do not exceed the manufacturers recommended setting or use wrong diameter coil springs, belleville springs or spring packs. All friction clutches should be inspected for freeze up after long periods of non-use.
Do not modify the driveline when you repair or replace it (The driveline was engineered and manufactured for a specific implement application) To help you find the correct replacement PTO follow these easy steps:
Measure the cross kit. What type of tube/shaft style? What type of shield and does it have special markings? Measure the closed length from center to cross kit to center cross kit. What splines and type of yoke on the tractor ide? (Does it have a CV on the tractor side?) What splines and type of hook-up on implement side? If a clutch is needed: What type of clutch and what torque setting?

*Why choose cranked bale points
Some confusion exists regarding our cranked (offset) bale points, A-BP13832CR and BP13836CR. These unique bale points are designed to elevate the sleeve and mounting nut above the bale point. By doing this, the operator is able to get under the bale without having the sleeve and mounting nut operate in the dirt. We have also heard of landscapers mounting 5-6 of these on a skid steer bucket to clear rubbish from work sites prior to doing the final grade. In addition to cranked bale points, We offer several traditional straight bale points ranging from 1 3/8" X 27" to 1 3/4" X 49". Mounting sleeves are also availble through us in both 1 3/8" and 1 3/4" diameters. For more information about our line of bale points, visit our online store.

*Disc and Sickle mower tips
Pre-Season mower tips. Disc Mower Replace all blades and bolts to start the season. Check all stone guards for excessive wear and replace if needed. Check the blade discs for hole wear and replace if needed. Check the gear oil levels. If your disc mower was noisy last year and was hot to the touch, you might want to consider adding one quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer to reduce the heat, wear and noise level). If your disc mower has belts, We offer a full line of PIX Belts for most applications. If you cannot find it in our application section, contact us for assistance.
Sickle Mower
Always start the season with a new sickle. We offer a full line of Kondex sickles. Be sure to check the guards, hold downs and wear plates for excessive wear. If they are worn you will not get an even cut. Worn guards, wear plates and hold downs let the sickle have too much slack. This will cause uneven cutting and may produce “balling up”. If you have been using riveted sickles in the past you might want to consider bolted sickles from Kondex. Bolted sickles let you repair worn or broken sections without removing the sickles from the unit. All of these tips will help you have a cleaner and more even looking field along with less leaf loss in most cases. *From A&I Tech Tips

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