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Weight, Front

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Used $90.00
Models: Case IH: 70, 95, 65A, 70, 95, 75A, 65C, 95C Platform, 65C, 95C Straddle, 110A, 140A, Puma 115, 155, JX55, JX95, JX1060C, JX1095C, MXM120, MXM190, MXU100, MXU135, MAXXUM 110, 140,
New Holland: Workmaster 65, Workmaster 75, T4020, T4050, T4030F, T4050F, T4030V, T4050V, T4.75, T4.100, T5040, T5070, TD5050, T6010, T6090, T7.170, T7.270, TT45A, TT75A, TN55, TN75, TN60A, TN95A, TN55D, TN75D, TN60DA, TN95DA, TN55S, TN75S, TN60SA, TN75SA, TN60SA, TN75SA, TN60V, TN60V, TN75V, TN75FA, TN95FA, TD75D, TD95D, TD5030, TK76, TK85, TL80, TL100, TL80A, TL100A, TS90, TS110, TS100A, TS135A, TS100A, TS135A, TM120, TM190, T7030, T7070, 3010S, 4835, 7635
With New Holland logo. 88 lbs/40 kg

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